Thursday, March 16, 2017

Collaboration Cycle Chic

Blu Dot x Handsome Cycles

It feels as if ages have past since there was any movement in the realm of fashion and cycling collaborations, but it's not so. Google Alerts and I have merely been slacking. Have you ever gotten a text from someone and you thought you replied to it, but you actually only answered it in your head. That's kind of what I've been doing — I could've sworn I pinned something about designer bikes to my Cycle Chic board when I didn't. Well, it's time to catch up. Fashion is fickle. (But James Perse is not; I took note of his beach cruiser back in 2009). Blu Dot represents high end/design furniture’s first foray into bicycle collaborations. Solé Bicycles and Wildfox represent high end loungewear (I guess that's an apt description). Carhartt WIP is the high end street collection with workwear DNA, Pelago provides the quality ride, and Mission Workshop makes the hard-wearing yet classy bag.

James Perse City Cruiser

James Perse Tricycle

Thursday, March 2, 2017

What to Buy: Your Last American Apparel Haul

I  can afford to try to bring back the visor when they're $6.30. Here in beige.

Once upon a time, I was a stylist in a "boutique" (or a fancy chain store in the mall, if you prefer, but I did have a client list and that's what they told us to call the store). When I first started there I wore simple black and white pieces from American Apparel and got compliments regularly. I just gussied them up with a blazer or jewelry and the 100% cotton composition was a god send because I was commuting by bike in Atlanta. I've always managed to combine promo codes with markdowns and get good pieces at good prices. So it is with a slightly heavy heart that I have to pour out some rosé for this retailer leaving us too soon.

If you're within striking distance of any location, I would suggest you check it out as American Apparel has recently moved to selling some of their most popular pieces in stores only. Once there, I hope you find that winter items are marked down and eligible for the 40% off promotion. I would love to find one of those thermal catsuits! Just looking online, however, there's a hodge podge of sizes available for most pieces with the big ticket items appearing to be in good supply. Here's what I'd look for:

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Nasty Woman Compendium

The first "nasty" design I saw on Twitter the night of the last debate. Sold here. I'd love it if there were stickers too.

This is by no means a conprehensive list. There are a lot of star-spangled options out there. This shop has two versions of "Nasty Woman/ Bad Hombres" buttons in addition to a "Don't Grab my Pu**y" button in the style of the Gadsen flag. Danny Brito's shop has tons of cute buttons and enamel pins in addition to a cute retro rendition of "Nasty Woman/ Bad Hombre" campaign buttons. Many of the shirts listed here are offered by companies that also make mugs, tote bags, and cellphone cases. I was really hoping to see some more Janet Jackson themed merchandise, but I guess I'll just have to get my Janet fix through her music. (I hope she's invited to the inauguration even if she's not able to perform). 

No Proceeds Shared:

Sold here.

There are multiple styles of this shirt sold here.

Sold here.

Sold here.

I like the script used here.

Sold here.

This Etsy shop also sells the "Feminist with a To-do List" enamel pin and notepad.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cath Kidston x Kingston Bicycles

2016 Blue Spot

2016 Latimer Rose

2016 accessories 

2015 Cloud
2015 Neon Spot

2015 accessories 

I was so thrilled when I saw the blue dot Cath Kidston bike that I was a bit surprised at myself. When did I become this polka dot-loving woman? (Maybe it was the Bookman reflective dots that won me over). I wish I'd heard about this collaboration when it launched because they had some great accessories. While the 2016 range has been pared down, the bikes on offer look great year to year. The neon dot bike is sold out, but all of the others are available online through the Kingston Bicycles. I can't wait to see what they come up with for next year.
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