Friday, June 27, 2008

Movable Feast for The Eyes

I've been looking for attractive bicycle accoutrement all week and it hasn't been a very fruitful search. The few items I've fancied have turned out to be very expensive and that is a deal-breaker for me since cycling is so economical. However, I will reconsider my position when a bicycling component or accessory transcends attractiveness and actually qualifies as a work of art. For that reason, I think there'd be no harm in considering an art bike from Sopo Bicycle Co-op. Several of the frames are eye-catching and curious. For instance, I wonder how artist, Lisa Clark transferred those photos onto the bike and what significance do they have? I wonder if experience has shown Sarah Madden that rhinestones can last for a long time on a bicycle? If that's the case, I need a Bedazzler. Lastly, where is the bunny representation in the Lord of All Bunnies' bike? Was it painted by bunnies? And if painting bunnies do his bidding, are they insured and bonded and can he get them to paint my living room?

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D3 Gold said...

fantastic pics!!!! very country impact, adore the attire thus elegant and beautiful!!!

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