Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting Along with Your Counterparts On Public transit and in cars

The Atlanta Journal Constitution printed an article about Courteous Mass. One thing I took away from the piece was the fact that many riders said there wasn't much honking of horns from motorists. They cited one guy in a car acting like a jerk, but he could have been the kind of jerk that drives a big truck or SUV and treats other motorists like crap too. (I can't stand those types). This event and others like it will hopefully raise the awareness of motorists. When they see cyclists on the street behaving like cars, I think it will diminish the "us vs. them" mentality.

Education would help a great deal too.

If people knew that roads haven't always been dedicated to moving cars around, I think it would give the public pause. Moreover, thinking about enjoying the public spaces in your city as opposed to passing them in a blur might encourage people to use alternative transportation. Of course, Mr. Copenhagenize himself, Jan Gehl, schools us a bit in this documentary. Too bad this aired on The Sundance channel instead of PBS.

When we finally get together on public transit, we'll probably need some guidelines to ensure that we all have a comfortable ride. That's where these ladies come in. They don't have advice specific to cyclists yet, but then again we're such a polite bunch it may not be necessary.

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