Monday, July 7, 2008

Let's Think Back To Sunnier Days

I'm not blue about the downpour we had today; we need the rain. I'm not happy about the fact that it cut my ride short, but c'est la vie. The extra time indoors reminds me of the lovely pictures I took at the park a while ago.

There was a double wedding in the park and Fudgie, the pug, was in attendance. Since it was a double wedding I guess she felt that she ought to get really decked out and have her nails done too. She was on her way to the reception when I took this picture, but I I flagged down her human companion and asked her if I could take Fudgie's picture. I got Fudgie's cooperation by giving her a hot dog.

Outside of canine couture, the other pictures I have aren't as pleasant, but I felt compelled by a post on stupid bike lanes to take these pictures.

This bike lane stops abruptly where the road was repaved and the outline of the bike lane was never repainted, but it doesn't matter that much considering where the bike lane ends.

At least the stop sign might give a cyclist enough time to get out of the way of exiting cars.

I think this is just silly for a park that has miles of paths for pedestrians. How come they can't plan a reasonable bike path?

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