Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Discovering Chicness

This old, red bike was discovered in the back yard of my elderly aunt-by-marriage. My late uncle was a fun-loving guy and widely known as a dapper dresser so I can understand why he would've wanted a bike with fenders and a chainguard.

From what information I gathered through the Internet, Puch was a company in Austria.

This makes me wonder why they would make a "U.S. Series" of bikes.

Maybe they made world renowned bikes at some point in time so made this replica for the U.S. market. Whatever its origins, I hope my aunt gives this bike to my mom. She definitely owes my mom for taking care of my uncle when he got sick and she owes me because her son stole my bike (the first time, we only strongly suspect that he stole it the second time too).

While I was running an errand in the truck, I saw this bike by a church. Hallelujah! More people should ride their bikes to church or wherever they worship--it seems like people who really believe the world was created by God or Allah or whoever would be especially respectful of the earth.

I rode back to the church on my bike to get more detailed pictures. I was going to ask the owner's permission to photograph his bike, but a member of the congregation who knew him said that it would be okay with "Mark." Kudos, Mark! You are a chic cyclist.


Jett said...

Have you got a closer shot of the seat on the Puch? It looks like a classic itself.

The Huffy is a winner. My first ten-speed (1980) was a Huffy with a milk crate for a rack.

William said...

Nifty old bike. I ride a mtb...16" which is 'bout the right height.
I'm gonna 'dutchify' my bike. ;) i've a blog devoted to it. Slow going though..will take some time.
Anyhow..bout some of your other posts..
Pedaling music..Theme to hawaii 50..but only if you have a 50+lb bike
and did i see tidewater region of Va..not nassawadox ??,_Virginia

The Bronze Bombshell said...

Hmmm. "Hawaii 5-0." Good suggestion. I'm afraid I'm not from your neck of the woods--I'm from Portsmouth, right on the Elizabeth River. (,_Virginia)

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