Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bikes In The Media

chintz bag narrow

More and more bikes seem to be popping up in clothing catalogs, designer print ads, and commercials. I wanted to include this one from Anthropologie because I love their style (I could live in one of their catalogs). Also, how precious was Tim Gunn last night on the tandem bicycle? I'm so glad Leanne decided to take him around Portland via bike! I know it has been commented on numerous times around the blogosphere--including Bikes and the City (!)--but I had to add my two cents.

Timm & Leanne

Lastly, I'm including the latest John Legend video. At the end, Andre 3000 hops on a bike and pedals away from the party on a very chic bike--it has fenders, a classic headlight, and a horn. If you want to fast forward to the end I totally understand; I can't stand John Legend myself. How can someone so boring be so overrated? I'm just focusing on the bike!

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Lynn said...

Hmm, you're right - he is boring. Andre was the life of the party and stole the show when he rode away on his bike (love the horn).
I had a light blue Ross 3-speed Europa when I was a teenager. What a great bike - I wish I had kept it. I just wrote about it on my blog last week. Enjoy riding yours and keep on blogging!

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