Monday, October 6, 2008

The No-Gas-No-Emissions Way To Travel

The gas shortage in North Georgia is gradually working itself out. People don't have to wait an hour and a half for gas anymore. Still, they have to be satisfied with regular because there's no other type available. There's been a lot about the situation on the local news--they've profiled drivers who turned to Marta and those that suffered through long waits at the gas station. Unfortunately, I didn't see much about drivers using bicycles to get around while their gas tanks were thirsty. I saw one guy pedal through a gas station on the six o'clock news, but that's it. Then I found something on the radio courtesy of the Atlanta Bicycle Campaign. Take a listen.


RC said...

Thanks for the note about the Atlanta Bicycle Campaign! We're trying to get people to consider adding a bicycle to their transportation options - who knows what will happen with gas prices and supply in the future?

I checked out the Slow Bicycle Movement - now I'm a fan.

-- Rebecca

Jett said...

Glad you ran across this. I was wondering how many people had heard this on the radio.

It's been good that people have been forced to think about what they would do if they can't find gas. The options have always been there. Now those alternatives are getting a good hard look.

Wallabee said...

Sweet Georgia Brown, I want to send you an email about getting my blog posted on your site. What is your contact info?


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