Monday, August 11, 2008

Bikes Everywhere, Sorta

I just thought this was so cute. Besides riding a bike, the little piggy also engages in such wholesome activities as taking a stroll and picking apples. This stationery set includes 48 sheets of paper and 24 envelopes. Twelve sheets and 6 envelopes have the bike design.

I hate to obsess over the wind-up-the-skirt scenario, but, hey, it happens. At least if the wind exposes your undies when you're wearing these boxers, you'll show everyone how committed you are to cycling while looking cute.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another Praline Update

Praline's new handlebar grips came today and my guy at the local bike shop took off my old ones, put holes in the new ones, and put them on my bike for me.

My guy also happened to be wearing a brimmed hat today. We are so simpatico. He put air in my tires while I put my streamers in the grips.

I always try to buy something after he gives me a bunch of free services so I bought a bell. I had my eye on this one anyway because I think it brings symmetry to the handlebar area--it's about the same size as the Shimano gear shift on the right side.

Riding In the Rain II

When riding in the rain with your umbrella, you probably don't want to wear a dress or skirt that is going to catch the wind unless you can ride with no hands or you have on very modest undergarments. Unfortunately, I haven't ridden without hands in ages and I don't recall being very good at it. Also, I was wearing very immodest, bright blue underwear that could be seen from a country mile. I had to pull over to the side of the road and stow my umbrella in my basket for the sake of my dignity. I didn't get very wet though; I was almost home.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Look at Praline's Long Luxurious Hair

I went to Hobby Lobby and found some Christmas stuff for 60¢.
I took my cues from many many sites. I cut the ribbon in quarters.

Because I'm adult, I broke out the crazy glue in addition to elastic bands. I tried my new streamers out on a couple of hills and they stayed put. Now all I have to do is get my new bronze handlebar grips.

Riding In the Rain

Yesterday, a little storm popped up while I was voting in our senate run-off election. Hey, no amount of inclement weather is going to keep me from the polls. It's not as if rain is really a problem if you're prepared. As I was riding by a big, old Victorian house carrying my umbrella, a guy yelled from his porch, "That's great. I'm impressed." I yelled, "Thanks." I don't know if he heard me and I couldn't wave because my hands were occupied. Another guy passing in a truck said something too, but I don't remember what it was. I think it was a comment on my preparedness.

Friday, August 1, 2008


My Raleigh Sprite has been sold out from under me! According to the seller, there was only one other inquirer about the bike. The potential buyer contacted her solely through e-mail which made her think that he wasn't sure about purchasing the bike. She seemed relieved when I made plans with her to purchase the Sprite and removed her ad from Craigslist almost immediately. I thought it was a done deal. It turns out that the other interested party called today with an offer to buy the bike for her original $75 asking price. She called to tell me that he came by while she was out and gave her husband $80 for the bike. She said that he fixes up bikes and lives in Atlanta so maybe I could buy the bike from him, but I know that he's going to ask a lot more than $80 for that bike once he's through with it. So there it is: no Raleigh Sprite for me. I'll have to keep on looking for my dream bike.
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