Tuesday, October 21, 2008

By Any Means Necessary?

With this economy, a lot of people may be sharing this sentiment whether they are bike-fanciers or not. There's a pin with the same logo and a very bike-proud postcard too at the Rar Rar Press shop on Etsy.om.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What Would Ronnie Do?

Today's Republicans act like the expeditious way out of our energy crisis is more drilling, but Jr. and Nancy know better.

Bikes In The Media

chintz bag narrow

More and more bikes seem to be popping up in clothing catalogs, designer print ads, and commercials. I wanted to include this one from Anthropologie because I love their style (I could live in one of their catalogs). Also, how precious was Tim Gunn last night on the tandem bicycle? I'm so glad Leanne decided to take him around Portland via bike! I know it has been commented on numerous times around the blogosphere--including Bikes and the City (!)--but I had to add my two cents.

Timm & Leanne

Lastly, I'm including the latest John Legend video. At the end, Andre 3000 hops on a bike and pedals away from the party on a very chic bike--it has fenders, a classic headlight, and a horn. If you want to fast forward to the end I totally understand; I can't stand John Legend myself. How can someone so boring be so overrated? I'm just focusing on the bike!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The No-Gas-No-Emissions Way To Travel

The gas shortage in North Georgia is gradually working itself out. People don't have to wait an hour and a half for gas anymore. Still, they have to be satisfied with regular because there's no other type available. There's been a lot about the situation on the local news--they've profiled drivers who turned to Marta and those that suffered through long waits at the gas station. Unfortunately, I didn't see much about drivers using bicycles to get around while their gas tanks were thirsty. I saw one guy pedal through a gas station on the six o'clock news, but that's it. Then I found something on the radio courtesy of the Atlanta Bicycle Campaign. Take a listen.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Bicycling in the Country: Good & Bad

There's a lot of darling scenery riding around in the country. At certain times, there's hardly in traffic on the streets either. On the other hand, you encounter a lot of drivers who seem absolutely bewildered by your presence on the street and it seems that you can't ride two or three miles without running into some intersecting piece of interstate highway. I also don't have the benefit of riding to attractive shopping areas. Basically, I'm working with my local bike shop and a couple of strip malls. Still, what I've got is better than nothing.

Cute houses

Folk art (One of the reasons I love the South is because there's no shortage of DIY artistic expression).

Functional folk art!

The bad. Do you really need to tell people not to bring their guns into Tuesday Morning?
What are they going to do--execute all the ugly lamps?
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