Saturday, November 8, 2008

Trying to avoid a fall

Speaking of the decrease in light Autumn brings, there's the accompanying decrease in temperature too. Time to break out the boots and that has me wondering how much fringe, if any, can be featured on a woman's boots before she risks death or serious injury while riding her bike?

I'd be willing to walk or take the bus for these Sam Edelman boots.

Maybe I could put something over these Betseyville booties to prevent any fringe-related accidents. Like legwarmers! Betsey Johnson would approve.

What other measures could one take to avoid a fashion tragedy? I've been willing in the past to endure some measure of pain for really cute shoes. The price I pay is usually a blister at most. This is far more serious--we don't want any chic ladies wiping out in the street and being smushed by a car. That's certainly not cute.

Darkness Falls

I kinda hate to see Autumn coming, especially when I start to consider the end of Daylight Savings Time. I'm definitely the type of person who needs more hours in the day and the long Sun Belt summer days that end slightly before 9PM suit me fine. However, pining for the summer isn't going to bring it back (Indian Summer just isn't the same). That said, I better invest my energies into getting a good headlight for my bike.

I like this light because I think it should clip onto my basket just as the taillight is clipped securely beneath my seat. I guess I also like the fact that it matches what I already have.

But this seems like a more inconspicuous light. I don't want anything to compete visually with the pom-poms that I plan to put on my basket--at least not until I turn the light on.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Signs that Cycle Chic has gone mainstream

I've seen retailers carry folding bikes, but UO has a folding cruiser bike from a company called Bazooka Sports that comes with fenders, chainguard, and a rear rack. They're selling streamers and other bike accessories and even a book about bikes!

(Meh. I think my handmade streamers are better).

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