Thursday, January 22, 2009

Did Someone Say That She Likes Bike Videos?

I found this odd, little gem from [Osaka] Japan via Thy Neighbor's Bike. This is the second of three films and I like it the best, I suppose, because I like the rudeboy reggae. Actually, it appears the cyclists are ruder than any of the lyrics as they cut through pedestrian crossings full of crossing pedestrians! I know they want to get home to edit their film with their nifty software that's probably only available in Japan, but good grief. Oh, and none of the videos have anything to do with dating, clubbing, sex, or shopping so I can only guess as to where the SATC reference comes in. Maybe the videographer just likes the way "Fixie and the City" sounded and used the theme music to justify the title. Who knows.


Lynn said...

Nice choice! Love those colorful bikes - very ROY G BIV. They make it look fun to ride through crowded pedestrian crossings (I wouldn't dare).

The Bronze Bombshell said...

Lynn: Thanks. I wouldn't dare ride through pedestrians either; I'd give them space just like I'd want a person in a car to give me space.

spiderlegreen said...

Very cool vid! I'm not a fixie, but they did good. I also liked the Reggae. As for riding through crowds. I'm guessing in Japan, people are used to you, getting in their space.

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