Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Fashion Note

This canvas and leather bag by Alexandra Cassaniti is made to attach to your bike's handle bars. While Ms. Cassaniti isn't a household name (yet), she's apparently a big muckety-muck in the fashion world. She's been praised over at the influential "Oh Joy!" blog and highlighted by the Coolhunters. I'm thinking this is less of a cynical, let-me-appear-green-to-the-world move and more a product of someone who sees a lot of folks on bikes and figures that they might want a high fashion bag especially for their two-wheeled friend. We already know that the fashion giants are aware of chic cycling as a trend (as noted by myself and Mr. Colville Andersen for WWD), but maybe there are some in the fashion world who see the endearing/enduring merits of cycling. Perhaps, we'll see a lot more up-and-coming/indie designers produce bike-related items.


Charlotte said...

Love it! It's a cheerful summery version of the canvas handlebar bag.

The Bronze Bombshell said...

Charlotte, I think it's quite charming too. I hope other designers make cheaper (!!) versions of bags like this.

Bike by the Sea said...

Pretty! Great idea. I have a feeling demand for this is only going to increase.

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