Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bike Music [Videos]

I was just thinking about making another bike-riding playlist when I happened upon a list of music videos featuring bikes at The Huffington Post. Apparently, this list didn't start out very long because there are lots of suggestions in the comments section. In fact, the first suggestion links to an additional list on San Francisco's Streetsblog where I found the adorable Alvin and the Chipmunks clip. Still, these lists are a bit lacking. Neither list mentions the John Legend video I blogged about in October which is totally understandable because you have to watch an entire John Legend video to get to the bike part. (Blech). However, I find the omission of the Cool Kids' video "Black Mags" strange.

Since I blogged about the Cool Kids back in September some other MC's have featured bikes in videos, but I feel that they send a mixed message. In the video for "What's Up, What's Happening," it appears that T.I. drives to the hood, but then gets out of his car and starts riding a bike through the hood. I'm not sure what that's about (other than saying that poor folks ride bikes) so I didn't mention the video. The other video I noticed was "Ain't I" by Yung L.A. featuring Young Dro and T.I.. In this video, Yung L.A. poses on a bike while the other MC's pose on cars. There's a ramp featured in the video where professionals pull stunts on bikes and skateboards. I think I didn't mention this one earlier because there's so much posing with the bike as opposed to riding it. Poseurs on bikes are bad, but I still hope to see more bikes in music videos, clothing ads, store windows, etc.. Amongst the early adopters and fashionista, I'm sure there will be people who discover that they really like chic-cycling.

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