Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shock & Horror!

Today started pleasantly enough--I saw another chic cyclists and it was a guy. I was so happy and intrigued I chased him quite a ways ringing my bell and shouting until he stopped. Unfortunately, when we tried to communicate I found that he spoke no English and that all of my high school and college Spanish has been evicted from my brain by French. At an impasse, he motioned to me to follow him to the apartment complex where he lived and knew of some bilingual people. I stayed in the courtyard while he searched for a translator. Through the translator that eventually turned up, I learned that he bought his old Huffy Cranbrook at a yard sale four years ago. It must have been really cheap or he's been really hard on it because it needed some serious TLC. I wish I'd had my camera at the time because, despite a bent chainguard and missing handlebar grips, it was still a lovely emerald green with the coolest fat white wall tires and silver fenders.

In our three-party conversation, I told the chic cyclist about the LBS on Main Street. I wanted to pass on the bike mechanic's love of old bikes and how he'd often do simple maintenance/repairs on my bike for free. He replied that he knew the mechanic and that he had helped him too. Questions answered and tips passed on, I departed, headed on to the bike shop to see if anyone had seen the sad state of the Huffy Cranbrook lately. I wasn't sure I would make it before the end of business hours so I rolled right up to the door and what did I see? Shock. Horror! My LBS had closed its doors forever! I visited the shop only ten days ago and had no indication that they were going anywhere. Now this! There's no longer any bike shop in Cartersville. Supposedly, there's a mobile bike mechanic in town, but I have no experience of this individual so I'm feeling upended and deprived at the moment.

Cycle Therapy, I hardly knew ye!


The Jolly Crank said...


Rat Trap Press said...

That's terrible! Sorry to hear that.

Lynn said...

The LBS in my town closed last winter, just when we were about to buy 3 bikes. We ended up discovering a great shop much further away, but it would be more convenient to have one close to home. It was about a half mile from our house, so we could have walked the bike there if it wasn't ridable. Now the nearest one is 3 miles away, which is still ridable at least. How close is your next nearest one? Would you have to drive there?

Dottie said...

Oh, no! That's so sad :(

Thom said...

Especially bad if the fellow was knowledgeable about old bikes. Those are few and far between. I feel for ya', sorry to hear it.

Charlotte said...

Oh that's terrible news.
Can you leave him a note? Perhaps he'll start working out of his garage or something?

crawdadslim said...

Lucky you have a bike that is pretty straitforward to work on. Don't know what tools you have, but start with a chain tool, screwdrivers and some wrenches that fit your headset at least. work up to cone wrenches, and whatnot as needed.
go to the libray and get a book on bike repair. If they have an old Glens manual, great. Or try to buy a Glens off ebay. The best book for your kind of bike, as it was printed when your bike was new.

You may not be up to rebuilding you hub, but simple tuning up is pretty easy.

The Bronze Bombshell said...

Thanks for commiserating, everyone.
Luckily, I'm not in need of any major bike repairs so I guess I'll adjust. It was just nice to have around.

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