Monday, April 13, 2009

Selling The Cycling Lifestyle

I saw these on Craigslist:

This ad boats of the apartment community's "direct access to the Chattahoochee River and the Chattahoochee National Park." The bike they're offering allows you to take advantage of the community's "natural beauty."

This apartment community is actually located in the city of Atlanta. It touts itself as, "Highly walkable," and, "Imminently natural." It also describes the wonderful lifestyle available at Glenwood East through driving less:
Glenwood East gives you the chance to be at the forefront of a new urban ideal-one based on the human scale-instead of the automotive one.

You’ll drive less. Live more. And make the most out of every moment. A whole new meaning.

If potential apartment-dwellers might be swayed by the promise of walkable communities, might homeowners also find the idea attractive? Perhaps this is one of the ways to get people to move back into the city.


2whls3spds said...

Interesting...and how close is the nearest grocery store, dry cleaners, hardware store, etc. I visited our local downtown area and got into a conversation with a real estate agent on the "benefits" of buying one of her condos in the downtown area. Her lead in line was "it's close to everything!" Uh-huh, where is the nearest grocery store?...About 5 miles away thru the bad part of town, next nearest is 5.5 miles away up the steepest hill in town. No Sale!

I am all for the "New Urbanism", however they need to make it affordable to everyone and make sure everything you really need is accessible.


The Bronze Bombshell said...

You have a point Aaron, but it seems to me that a lot of the apartment complexes in Marietta and other Atlanta suburbs are close to supermarkets, dry cleaners, etc. You can't swing a stick without hitting a strip mall with a dry cleaner and an Indian restaurant. The only problem is that you can't walk one yard of your short commute. The apartment complex always seems to be off of an 8-12 lane highway.

The "mixed use" communities that have become popular in Atlanta appear to do a better job of being walkable. Atlantic Station just puts all the retail right there with the housing. This Glenwood East place seems to be nestled between an East Atlanta neighborhood and I-20. There's certainly groceries and dry cleaning to be had in the vicinity, but I don't know how bikeable it is because I don't really know that part of town. For the in-town location and the 713 sq. ft., I think the rent, stated at $725, isn't at all exorbitant.

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