Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Adidas Cycling Style Shoe Collaborations Galore

Adidas is launching a collection of cycling-inspired shoes, called Zeitfrei, with two partners at the end of the month. Collaboration #1 is with sneakerphile site, Hypebeast, and collaboration #2 is with Berlin-based , Solebox. Each design is limited to 100 pairs so it goes without saying that these are going to be pricey. The Hypebeast shoes are sold with a Cordura messanger bag, carry-all sling bad, and a cycling cap for about $200.

Along with the precious shoes, Adidas got Bianchi to make them a pair of one-off bikes that will be displayed in Bianchi stores before being auctioned online.

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She Rides a Bike said...

I like the shoes. Very Flagstaff Mountain cycle chic but during a recession. I simply can't afford them.

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Maira Gall