Wednesday, May 6, 2009

S/S ROY G BIV: Indigo

S/S Indigo Cycle Chic

It's been a little difficult to find spring items in indigo--you'd think there would be tons of nautical stuff out there, but none of it crossed my path. I did manage to get a different type of stripe, argyle, plaid, and some polka dots.


m e l i g r o s a said...

I always love your little color splash collages. those melissa ruber wedges wold go perfect with my beloved bike!! ♥

The Bronze Bombshell said...

Thanks, Meligrosa! If you get those Melissa wedges, please let me know how they hold up in the San Francisco heat. They're supposed to be made of some sort of special plastic that's extra durable. They'd have to be to make it through an entire Georgia summer.

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