Friday, May 15, 2009

Watch Your Back, Portland!

Photo by John Mahoney, The Gazette

Montreal recently inaugurated it's bicycle-share program--the largest in North America--according to the New York Times. The program is called, Bixi, a portmanteau of "bicycle" and "taxi."


spiderleggreen said...

Yeah, I think these program, if they are done right, can give car-dependant people an opportunity to see what they're missing.

BTW, I just did a little blog about a New York Times article on Portland.

Chiara N' Kael said...

hello BIXI come to Toronto soon.. we want you...we're only three hours away!


anna said...

The bike looks cool. The lady looks cool. I hope that it is planned well (that can make a huge difference and be observed at different bike sharing systems in Europe) and works well!

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