Saturday, June 20, 2009

Out of Town

Right now, I'm on my way home to Virginia for Father's Day. In preparing this and other posts, I discovered a bike path project in VA--part of a larger route spanning the entire East Coast-- called the East Coast Greenway. It will extend from Canada to Key West and all the major cities in between. At first, it looked like the greenway snaked through the D.C. area and skirted my neck of the woods, but there's a path that splits off from the spine route called the Historical Coastal Route that goes through Norfolk (my birthplace and just across the river from Dad). The route doesn't go through Va Beach though. Bwah ha ha ha! That's what they get! A bit of background: Va Beach officials have been implicated in trying to undermine commercial revitalization efforts in other cities, the citizens hog up all the public access t.v. with their stupid events, and one of their school board's obnoxious power-plays almost killed the school for the arts where I matriculated. So, with glee, I can say, "No greenway for you, Beach!"

Surely, I will have the opportunity to dig my old Huffy ten-speed out of storage and take a spin on the greenway since I won't be back in Georgia until well after the Fourth of July. While in the Old Dominion, I will blog a bit. It will be "slow blogging" since my dad has dial-up(?!) and because I'll have to go the library (via bike hopefully) for some 21st Internet time after I go crazy trying to use dial-up. Don't you worry though; I already have several posts scheduled over the following weeks. Just don't get bent out of shape if it takes me a while to reply to comments. And speaking of slow replies, I just want to thank Jen for her e-mail. Back in May. Be sure to check out her blog Saxton Road.

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