Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pretty As A Picture

This is from the Stella McCartney resort collection for 2009. She is certainly one stylish tourist, but she might want to stop somewhere and buy something to go under that tunic/dress.

Have I mentioned how much I love Anthropologie's catalogs? I don't want to just buy stuff out of them, I want to live in them. They should be in charge of marketing cycle chic to women in America because I think they really get the concept. They're promoting bikes as fun for adults and they're not selling any special equipment to go with bikes outside of their gorgeous clothes, shoes, and handbags. And they carry totally commuter-friendly, upright-posture-fostering bikes. The one pictured is handmade in Italy (of course). They also have a Strida. Three or four years ago they sold a traditional, black "Dutch" bike wih a huge woven grocery basket on the front. I think they called it the "Market Bicycle" and photographed it in a piazza somewhere which is exactly where people want to be transported (if not physically, mentally) when riding their bikes. Someplace safe. Someplace chic. Someplace with great shopping.

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