Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Last Three Days!

Since I'm stuck with my dad's dated software and computer (1998 would be the date I believe), I haven't been checking any of my e-mail accoounts very much and I almost completely missed the opportunity to tell you about a cool contest being sponsored by TopShop and a fashion blog called Chictopia. If you've already heard about it that's great, but if not, you have 3 days to take a picture of yourself looking snazzy with your bike in order to win a TopShop designed bike.
All applicants must be above 16 years old and in the US. The deadline for the last photo submission is July 17 and the link to check out the competition is at http://www.chictopia.com/topshop_bikeclub_contest. Good luck!

On a related note, pictures of ye olde 10 speed, Mr. Lavender, looking snazzy with his new handlebar tape and inflated tires will be coming as soon as I can figure out if I can send the pictures through the library computer.

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RidingPretty said...

How's your summer going? Hope you return soon and tell us of your bicycle adventures!!!

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