Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Virginia Update

I haven't yet gotten on the Hampton Roads portion of the East Coast Greenway as my old Murray 10 speed(I thought it was a Huffy for some reason) is in pieces. My dad tried to replace the back tire for me, but I don't think he took note of where the chain was when he took the wheel off so we can't get it back correctly. He did it in the morning when I was still asleep so I can't help in that department. Perhaps, running into back tire replacement problems are a heritary trait in my family. I'm writing from the library where I hope to find a book about bicycle repair. There is a bike shop in town called Scat Bikes--quite close to the house, in fact--but they're very busy. I called them on Monday thinking that Dad and I might not be able to handle the derailleur crisis and the mechanic said they wouldn't get to my bike until Friday! I guess that's kind of a good thing. I've seen a pretty good amount of people riding bikes in Portsmouth and the buses I've seen almost always have a bike on the rack. The weather has been spectacular with some evenings being downright cool (I was actually chilly last night). This makes it all the more galling that I have no bike to ride. At least others enjoyed the freedom of cycling in the bicycle parades held on Independece Day.

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