Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trying To Love Autumn

This is the most autumnal tree in the neighborhood; all
the others appeared to be caught unawares by the change of seasons.

I decided to stop mourning my missing Indian Summer and appreciate the Autumn that's here (it does help that it was over 70º today). There are several things I really like about season if I think about it:

  • Apple cider starts flowing.

  • So does the hot cocoa.

  • I love flannel pajamas, particularly with pockets and ridiculous patterns.

  • I love plaid--and Fall is the official season of all things plaid.

  • I love velour and velvet.

  • It's especially nice to cozy up with a warm cuppa as opposed to the sweet tea I've been surviving on all summer.

  • Walking and cycling involve almost no sweating (but removing a layer can help with the perspiration problem).

Is there anything else you can think of that's nice about the fall? I can't say that I get very excited about changing leaf-colors--I guess I grew up around too many evergreens.


2whls3spds said...

Wearing long sleeves to stay warm, rather than to keep from sunburning. LOL
Also turning the AC off and opening the windows!


spiderleggreen said...

I had a nice weekend riding around as the leaves change. It did remind me of my childhood, especially when I rode past my old neighborhood. Thoughts of jumping out of trees into piles of leaves came to me. The smell of the leaves after they have mixed together on the ground.

It dawned on me that I live to different lives. One in shorts and sandels. Simple. The other life is more involved. There's decisions to be made when going outside. What to wear, in what weather? Staying inside becomes a tempting option. Glad I like my place.

AC? Opening windows? You can get by without AC here. I do, most people don't. UP here the windows get closed pretty quickly. And then sealed up! But it is all relative.

The Bronze Bombshell said...

Aaron: I've never thought of long sleeves in that way, but I've never been sunburned so I haven't thought o wear that much protection in the sun.

I'm sure turning off the AC is a sweet respite for the pocketbook, but I'm so cold-natured that my windows are most definitely staying shut until May.

spiderleggreen: Again, I must have lived around to many evergreens because I don't recall there ever being any leaves to rake when I was growing up.

2whls3spds said...

Being a bit fairer skinned than you I worry about sunburn. However long sleeves can actually keep you cooler if you are in direct sunlight, regardless of complexion.

In the summer I usually wear very light cotton or linen shirts...with long sleeves. I can always roll my sleeves up if the fancy strikes.


The Bronze Bombshell said...

Aaron: I've tried the gauzy tunic-y thing for the summer and I find it doesn't really work unless you can get one that's not so light/sheer that it shows the bra underneath (very tacky in my opinion) or requires a camisole which undermines the prospect of being cool. I think I own one that fits these criteria so most of the summer, I wear tanks and strappy summer dresses--ventilation is the watchword of the season. However, Today I have on long sleeves and they are perfect for the weather!

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