Wednesday, November 25, 2009


...And you know the rest ;) Now can you believe with two bikes in the house, I didn't get a chance to ride today?! The living room/dining room area became the holding area for every box that was carried in at the end of the day when no one had the energy to take it to the basement. There also boxes, boxes, and more boxes of glasses, cake stands, pitchers, punch bowls, and the like that have to be put in their display cases and china cabinets. Of course, none of these things beckoned to be restored to their rightful places until just now--the day before Thanksgiving. At least, I was able to sneak away the other pretty days this week (and over the weekend) and go for some rides. I found a really nice park with a "beach" that a huge flock of geese have commandeered for the season.* There are two trails there--one paved and the other gravel-covered. I rode over the paved one and, while it's nice, it's very short--less than a mile long. Oh well, I can always lock up my bike and walk the gravel trail, or get a mountain bike. Tee hee!

*It's really just a sandy lawn.

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