Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beating the Mean Streets Through the Legal System

Ignore the fact that this is an NYC ambulance. Consider the fact that this image is from a personal injury attorney's blog.

Los Angelenos should appreciate this, especially Bike Girl: according to, "the Los Angeles City Council Transportation Committee considered a bicyclist anti-harassment ordinance and moved to add this ordinance to the city council agenda for the full council to consider, probably in January." While this ordinance could be a significant measure of protection for cyclists, it appears that it's the personal injury lawyers who are highly excited about the law.


Filigree said...

As sleazy as some personal injury lawyers can be, I think that their latching onto this is a good thing for cyclists. If feelings of empathy and decency are not sufficient to discourage motorists from jeopardizing cyclists' well being, maybe the fear of a lawsuit will do the trick. The personal injury commercials are good, because they will popularise that fear.

Dottie said...

A law like this would be sooooo helpful!

Being a lawyer myself (though not personal injury) I can't fault them their advocacy ;)

The Bronze Bombshell said...

Filigree: Who would've ever thought that a litigious society and bad attorney commercials could actually help anyone, let alone cyclists ;)

Dottie: I agree--whatever the motive, the law might prevent drivers from being so callous towards cyclists on the roads and, in the event that they act carelessly, cyclists will have some legal protection.

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