Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For Girls of All Ages

My heart swelled with happiness today when I spotted a little girl on Arthur learning how to fix her own bike at her local bike shop. I would've been happy to see such a thing on a kids' show in any case, but the fact that a little girl was learning about her bike made it just that little bit better. Maybe she'll grow up to be a woman who teaches her kids about utility cycling.

Now if that weren't enough, I found a cute activity on the Arthur/PBS Kids site where parents or teachers can supervise a "bicycle makeover" for their childrens' trikes and bikes and Lance Armstrong is going to be on the December 8 episode entitled, "Room to Ride; The Frensky Family Fiasco?" In this episode, Binky and his friends campaign for more bike lanes. Is it not said that, "a little child shall lead them?" Go, kids, go!

For the "big girls" out there, I've found that the magazine, "More," a title "celebrating women40+" seems to be slightly keen on cycling. One slideshow on their site highlights six bikes for commuting to work. There are "uplifting" articles: one is the narrative of a woman learning to ride a bike at forty and the other is the narrative of a woman who is able to ride a bike despite an injury that was supposed to eliminate her mobility. There may be more material in the magazines that isn't available on the website. In the September issue, I found a small column about a woman trying utility cycling in New York City. After three days, she writes, "Navigating through heavy traffic, I feel empowered as I scoot between cars (illegal) and cut across red lights (also illegal)." You'd think she'd know better at 40+, but she's a mere babe in the world of bike commuting; she'll learn.

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