Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hipsters Change. Cycling Remains The Same.

I'm so happy to see Decatur, Georgia's own Paste Magazine publish something that is causing such a stir around the Web. The connection between hipsters and bicycles really resonated with people as I saw the article first mentioned on The Bike Blog Book and then spotted an article in the school newspaper of the University of Idaho. According to UIA's Argonaut, even if the hipsters are just riding their fixies for fashion, they are dedicated enough to their carefully cultivated images to keep riding in the cold. Filigree also has her own hipster analysis accompanied by a Paste graphic she spotted on Bike Snob NYC. Despite the poor reputation of hipsters as shiftless poseurs, I think this could be positive for cycling. Seeing all those fixies chained up outside the pub on a cold winter evening might make the average person believe that they have the physical and mental wherewithal to ride year-round too.


anna said...

Funny, that this is currently so up-to-date. I've also been writing about it on a German blog and seen such discussions elsewhere.

The Bronze Bombshell said...

Anna: I had no idea that new media (or any media, in fact) was interested in hipster culture. The timeline graphic from Paste really helped me identify what a hipster is.

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