Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New In Urban Mobility: The Copenhagen Wheel

Besides providing a "bit of a boost" of energy, the information on traffic and smog levels provided by the Copenhagen Wheel could make commuting a little more pleasant for all and attractive to those who have yet to try utility cycling. It certainly diminishes the idea the a person must be ultra-fit to be a cyclist. This could be good for the elderly too, but I'm not sure about how they'd handle the remote access via smart phone. Honestly, I'm not especially keen on the smart phone access because I usually leave my phone at home when I'm out riding. Maybe MIT should develop a remote to go with the device (a simple one, for the Seniors' sakes).


Charlotte said...

I just saw this thing at MIT and heard that Bill Clinton will be presenting it in Copenhagen (perhaps he already has).

I think my neighbor said it best when he said "I never heard that the reason people weren't cycling was because their bike couldn't connect to Facebook!"

If cycling really is about getting from A to B, I don't think people are going to change their routes based on real-time reporting of smog levels...

It kinda seems like the solution to a problem we don't yet have, but that could be the Luddite in me talking.

Christa said...


Clinton presenting it? Why didn't the Clinton Administration create more bicycle transportation policies in the 1990's?

I wish more politicians would ride bicycles... for transportation.

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