Thursday, January 29, 2009

ROY G BIV: Violet

Violet Cycle Chic

Sorry fellas, I guess violet inspires the feminine side of designers.

For the Fellas

Cool bell and bag.

Love the classic bike and the old school headlamp.

He's all kitted out with a vintage bell to boot.

These three guys really have the cycle chic thang going on--all of them are dressed to thrill and their bikes have cool accessories.

He's looking dapper, but his bike is naked.

Thanks to The Sartorialist for the photos. Just type "bikes" into the search box on his page for more stylish bike pics (he doesn't appear to label pics anymore so everything with a "bikes" label is from earlier archives).

Friday, January 23, 2009

ROY G BIV: Orange

I think one way of combating the winter blah's is through the use of bright colors so I wanted to get to orange as soon as possible.

Orange Cycle Chic

Orange you glad I did? Sorry, I couldn't help myself :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Did Someone Say That She Likes Bike Videos?

I found this odd, little gem from [Osaka] Japan via Thy Neighbor's Bike. This is the second of three films and I like it the best, I suppose, because I like the rudeboy reggae. Actually, it appears the cyclists are ruder than any of the lyrics as they cut through pedestrian crossings full of crossing pedestrians! I know they want to get home to edit their film with their nifty software that's probably only available in Japan, but good grief. Oh, and none of the videos have anything to do with dating, clubbing, sex, or shopping so I can only guess as to where the SATC reference comes in. Maybe the videographer just likes the way "Fixie and the City" sounded and used the theme music to justify the title. Who knows.

Linkety Link Love

I was perusing the cable channels with my trusty remote when I happened upon an episode of G Word about a fun-looking ride in L.A. put together by a group called the Midnight Ridazz. I like the fact that the segment showed the host hanging out with the group for a good long while, until one guy near the end of the ride, perhaps a bit tired or partied-out, started to push his bike. I'm glad that that was aired because I bet a lot of people think they have to be in tip-top shape before they go on rides or start to commute by bike like some people think they should try to get their lives together before they start going to church. I'm not saying that after 10 or 15 years of not riding, one should hop back in the saddle for a lengthy commute to work, but I am saying that you don't have to be Lance Armstrong before you participate in a ride or commute to work. There are definitely some slow-paced, rides with pit stops (for anything from cupcakes to booze) out there and if they aren't in your area, there's information on the Midnight Ridazz site that tells you how to organize some. In fact, there are an abundance of cool links on the site. A couple now reside in my sidebar and I thought that this one is a nice affirmation of your right to the road for those moments when you need some extra chutzpah to hit the streets.

At the moment, I constitute a slow-paced fun ride of one, but at least that means there be no obstructions between onlookers and the sexy new tires I'm going to get.

After looking at this particularly cycle-luscious piece of bike porn, I was inspired to once again search for white tires for Praline. This time, I found some in exactly the right size in the United States. Now all I need is cash. I might go for that track stand too because every time I put a lot recyclables in my basket it lurches to one side like it's about to fall. Oh yeah, I could get some new rims because mine are mismatched somehow. Damn you, siren song of shiny bicycle accoutrement!

From now on, you can find a link to all the hot bikes on Three Speed Gallery in my sidebar. There's also a Fixed Gear Gallery and an Old Ten Speed Gallery, but those type of bikes don't appear to have the delectable accessories that three speeds/cruisers have. Except for this kick-ass old Schwinn.

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Feature: ROY G BIV

I'm not always sure what I'm supposed to be doing with this blog. I don't see a lot of other cyclists in my community, let alone any in snazzy outfits or even riding a bike with a chainguard. I'm not a particularly good photographer (but hopefully this will be of little consequence when I get a digital camera advanced enough to compensate for my lack of technical know-how). I don't ride to interesting destinations. All I really have are my opinions and ideas on how to have a pleasant ride in as fashionable a manner as possible. As one way of expressing that opinion, I've come up with the ROY G BIV feature. I figure everyone could use some help finding bike-related items in their favorite color. I will make a concerted effort to show men's and women's fashions, but I'll probably focus on women's bikes because I think they're like second-class citizens on most corporate sites.

Not that I'll necessary tackle each color in order of the spectrum, but let's start with red.

Red Cycle Chic

I'm trying to show seasonal clothing items (except for the gloves because I couldn't find the full-finger ones in red anywhere!) so you'll be seeing red fashion again. Of course, I include a few bike accessories, but I'd strongly suggest you only wear the headphones while riding on a bike path or on a segregated lane in Copenhagen.
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