Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bike Miscellany To Hold You Over Until I Post Again

I thought y'all would like this poster. Jennifer Renninger created this riff on the popular "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters for her husband, who is a cyclist.

Did you know that there was an entire National Bike Month? I've been meaning to post that tidbit for a while, but I've been busy riding which is exactly the point, isn't it? Lately, the weather's been pretty unpredictably crappy and yesterday my grandmother went into the hospital with pneumonia so you probably won't be hearing from me for a while.

An article in Nylon reminded of a comment from a Portland resident about some of the more hardcore cyclists. I can't find it for the love of me, but a guy said something to the effect that some cyclists have a greener-than-thou attitude when it comes to their bikes. Even if you maintain your bike in a green way, you might still get some shade thrown your way because your bike wasn't locally built. I guess this means The Bamboo Bike Studio won't get many orders from PDX until they open a location there and grow bamboo on the premises. That's too bad because they make a bike with upright posture called, "The Local." Wouldn't all your miles biked count as carbon offset?

Adidas Cycling Style Shoe Collaborations Galore

Adidas is launching a collection of cycling-inspired shoes, called Zeitfrei, with two partners at the end of the month. Collaboration #1 is with sneakerphile site, Hypebeast, and collaboration #2 is with Berlin-based , Solebox. Each design is limited to 100 pairs so it goes without saying that these are going to be pricey. The Hypebeast shoes are sold with a Cordura messanger bag, carry-all sling bad, and a cycling cap for about $200.

Along with the precious shoes, Adidas got Bianchi to make them a pair of one-off bikes that will be displayed in Bianchi stores before being auctioned online.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Watch Your Back, Portland!

Photo by John Mahoney, The Gazette

Montreal recently inaugurated it's bicycle-share program--the largest in North America--according to the New York Times. The program is called, Bixi, a portmanteau of "bicycle" and "taxi."

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Car-Free Germany

Martin Sprecht for The New York Times

I saw an article in The New York Times about this unique suburb in Germany that prohibits cars on its streets. There is a tram that runs through the community's main thoroughfare and there are two garages for resident's personal cars and the local car share program. Otherwise, everyone walks or rides a bike. It sounds like these folks are in the vanguard of environmentalists, but the newspaper says that many them moved there for a much different reason.
"Many people move to Vauban not for environmental reasons, but because they feel that a car-free environment is far better for children. Indeed, children are everywhere! With no cars on the streets, many residents call Vauban a children's paradise, where youngsters wander from a young age in safety. Even some residents who say they miss the convenience of a car at their doorstep have concluded that it is worth the tradeoff."
Well--whatever their reasons--good for them. Apparently, a real estate development company is planning a similar community in Hayward, CA. I wish them good luck in finding enough residents for that project.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Decorating Note

I got this in my e-mail inbox the other day. I guess CB2 has been studying those statistics that show that cyclists are good shoppers.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bike Scourge

Lately, it seems that a number of bikes are being spirited away from their homes and devoted owners, like poor Mick Jagger. It's even come to the attention of home decorating blog, The blog quizzes its readers about where they store their bikes and offers advice about stylish ways to stores one's bike indoors. Personally, I like the bike as functional objet d'art as pictured above.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Music & Bikes

I hate the fact that I'm telling you all about this contest so late because maybe one of you might have won, but I think it's pretty significant that it took place at all so I'm making a note of it. The Ratatat Spring Tour Contest was sponsored by XL Recordings, FADER magazine, and SE Bikes. According to their blog, the contest runs through the Ratatat's tour which ends in May, but they stopped taking submissions at the end of April (I guess they meant through the end of the American dates). Ratatat is a kind of mellow electro group--you can listen to there music here.

Cool Kids, take note. I hope to see more contests like this in the future.

S/S ROY G BIV: Indigo

S/S Indigo Cycle Chic

It's been a little difficult to find spring items in indigo--you'd think there would be tons of nautical stuff out there, but none of it crossed my path. I did manage to get a different type of stripe, argyle, plaid, and some polka dots.
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