Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bike Friendly Media

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I've been wanting to document a few of the new blogs popping up that are about utility cycling of feature it as a part of one's lifestyle, but frankly, I've had a difficult time keeping up with all of my Google Alerts. A couple are already in my sidebar-- I Dream of Cycling is representing the ATL and Gatas de Roda is representing Sao Paulo, Brazil. And I can't forget the new (less than three weeks old) Buenos Aires Cycle Chic. Apparently, I'm not a moment too soon in my ambitions because we cyclists need this positive [digital] print to offset the backlash reported by the old media. I found this amusing account in an article from SF Appeal:
"If you didn't know, bicyclists are, along with vegans, atheists, gays, ACORN, the French and, let's just admit it publicly, the international Jewish banking cabal, a threat to the very way of life every American is entitled to by an angry, vengeful baby Jesus.

Haven't you read the chapter of Das Kapital where Karl Marx demands painted bike lanes, ample bike parking, and the freedom -- erm, sorry, tyranny -- of bicyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs? No, you probably didn't, because as a real American you don't actually read, and because you've never, ever committed any traffic violations while driving. So, continue to fight for God and country and never give an inch to those damn pinkos demanding that you "share" the road!"
Bwahh ha ha! I hope you found that as funny as I did even though I've seen a site where the blogger ends each post "Yours in Christ" and documents the depravity of cyclists, like those riding in the World Naked Bike Ride or riding with their children. It seems this blogger hit a cyclist, was found at fault, and had to pay for the damage she did to her car herself which means that all cyclists everywhere are a menace to drivers and the American way of life because it is, of course, inextricably linked to the automobile. I'm not even going to link to this woman's blog; she doesn't deserve the traffic.

Luckily, people are still blogging about cycling--better yet, cycling with their kids! Two moms receiving Xtracycle sponsorships are blogging about their two-wheeled adventures. One mom is committed to a year of transportation using less than 25% of the vehicle miles traveled of the average American. The other mom is a teacher living in Virginia ( yeah, Old Dominion!).

I've also found bikes featured on style blogs like this one and this one where the blogger's bike was pictured in Italian Vogue (shown at the top of this post)! For the longest time, I've been meaning to mention the lifestyle/decor blog, Lovely Velo, written by a travel planner who specializes in cycling trips (!). Lastly, I want to mention the personal/cycling blog, church of the granny bike. I like seeing blogs where bicycles are integrated into the blogger's sense of style or daily life and I hope that these few are the forerunners to many more like them.


Christa said...

I like this update, thanks. The SF Appeal article is genius.

melanie said...

thanks for the shoutout! I am so happy to have found your blog. :)

Mark said...

That picture might be in Italian vogue, but it was taken at the top of Brick Lane in London, just down the road from my house - it's a small world! Cool area, cool picture. Sadly, it's also a notorious bike thieving hot spot...

Loved the post about the evils of those cyclists, tres funny.

All the way from the UK,

i b i k e l o n d o n

The Bronze Bombshell said...

Christa: That's what I'm here for!

Melanie: No problem. Welcome to my little corner of the blogospere.

Mark: Wow, it is a small world. Maybe your bike is next in line for its fifteen minutes of fashion mag fame. Ha ha.

Emma J said...

Just found your site (via Let's Go Ride a Bike) - lucky me! I'm enjoying the useful how-tos

Interesting your take on blogs where biking is a part of daily life or sense of style. I've recently hived off the biking into a separate blog because I didn't want to weigh down biking browser/readers with the daily life. But I too like church of the granny bike.

Emma J said...

. . . useful how-tos, pics, biking stories - and posts like this that make me laugh out loud!


The Bronze Bombshell said...

Emma J: Thanks! I love that quote in your header, "The bicycle is a curious vehicle. The passenger is its engine." Where does that come from? It stays with you and if it rhymed somehow it could be an Ogden Nash poem!

Anonymous said...

John Howard. Who (according to wikipedia) was an Olympic cyclist who set a land speed record in 1985.

I'm guessing it's that John Howard who said it and not the optometrist, actor, architect, or Duke of Norfolk listed on the disambiguation page.

Coco said...

Thanks for the shout out- my bike is getting a big head!


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