Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Slow Recognition

Did I miss it earlier or has the Canadian bicycle company, Jorg & Olif, recently rebranded itself The Slow Life Company™? Their website features short articles on slow food, slow travel, and something they call "slow beauty." Certain sections of their site encourage reflection and thoughtfulness. I like two of their affirmations: The Slow Life Company™ is health and wellbeing without the spandex/ design and culture without pretensiousness.

I don't think there is another North American bicycle manufacturer that claims the Slow Movement to this degree, if at all. After recently finishing the book, "Deep Economy," I feel that--on the one hand--this is a shrewd bit of marketing selling a sense of membership to a community/movement to folks increasingly weary of the hyper-individualistic lifestyle of the past couple of decades. To me, their last affirmation--eco-consciousness without extensive activism--pretty much says, "All you have to do is buy this bike and you're in." Otherwise, why put any limit on the environmental activism that might arise from becoming a cyclist?

On the other hand, the sport of cycling has tons of corporate sponsorship so should I begrudge urban/utility cycling its corporate champion? Perhaps this could be a symbiotic relationship: Jorg & Olif make chic bikes that they sell as symbols of a slow life which may help keep people on their bikes after the concurrently active high fashion love affair with bikes is over.

In other slow developments, Blogger had finally named Copenhagen Cycle Chic one of its "Blogs of Note." Congrats! (In true slow fashion I'm just noticing this now, twelve days after the fact. There was also a road bike blog recognized on January 4th).

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