Monday, January 4, 2010

Supermodel Loses Her Super Cool Bike

At right, bike parking in Cambridge. At left: supermodel/student, Lily Cole, in happier times on her Pashley Princess Sovereign. Pictures via the Daily Mail

Despite her attempts at cycle security, British supermodel, Lily Cole, had her bike stolen somewhere on the Cambridge University campus. Said Cole, "I don't park it at the station. The station is like a cesspit of cycles. It's a bit ugly, so I don't take my bike there. I don't think it's nice to put it in so much danger."

It's bad enough to have one's bike stolen, but to add insult to injury the thief ripped the cute wicker basket off the bike and threw it to the ground before taking off with Ms. Cole's bike. The model/student regards that as, "the most hurtful part of the ordeal." "I bought the bike because it had a nice basket and they just left it there," she said.

I recognize the fact that Lily Cole is in the unusual position of not being a desperately poor undergrad and can easily purchase another bike, but it still sucks enormously to have your bike stolen.

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