Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We Bike Bon Temps

Anna Pacquin on a Nirve Hello Kitty Cruiser via zimbio

I really like the show "True Blood" so I had to post about its two cycling stars. There are a few photos of Anna Pacquin on a bike around the web, but Ryan Kwanten has an interesting tale of cycling which I excerpted from a lengthy interview. Kwanten plays Jason Stackhouse, brother of Sookie Stackhouse, the show's heroine. Before he got this big break he experienced some lean times while trying to find a steady gig. Regarding the frenzied search for work, he says
“In pilot season, sometimes you’re going to three auditions a day. So I got to know the bus routes back to front, and I’d take my bike on the bus and cycle the last few kilometres. For about six months, I was doing that every day.
One day, my last audition was at DreamWorks. So I got my three buses and rode to the building. It’s like Fort Knox trying to get in, so I get through the three or four layers of security and make it to the office, and I chain my bike up outside, on a log, and rush in. I’m in the waiting room, and suddenly this assistant comes running in sweating and says, ‘Someone’s parked in Mr Spielberg’s spot! Someone’s parked in Mr Spielberg’s spot!’ I’m looking around at all the other guys, thinking, ‘Wow, someone’s really in trouble.’ A minute later he reappears and shouts, ‘It’s a bicycle! Does anyone here have a bicycle?!’ So I go out, and Spielberg’s waiting there in his huge SUV, and my bike is literally lying across the ‘S. Spielberg’ sign on the log.”

Perhaps the Spielberg crew doesn't appreciate alternatives modes of transportation because he didn't get the part.


Yokota Fritz said...

Thanks for the link love to Cyclelicious, and I love that story about Ryan Kwanten!

The Bronze Bombshell said...

Yokota Fritz: You're welcome!

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