Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Thought Those Showers Were Supposed to Come In April

Actually, I don't mind riding when it's damp. A little drizzle doesn't bother me. Just about anything is preferable to staying in the house all day (especially when the temperament of a housemate is more miserable than any overcast day).

I also love the opportunity to wear my lipstick-pink, kitten-heel rainbooties.

I just wanted to write a long-overdue post to show y'all that I'm still riding, just not blogging very often. My computer is slowly dying--one failing component at a time--and I just figured out a work-around for the ethernet port that went to the "great beyond" last week. I hope this fix will last until I get a new computer. Until something else goes wrong, I will return to my regular blogging schedule.


Anonymous said...

That's a lot of water! How are the skirt guards working out?


The Bronze Bombshell said...

Mike: The skirt guards are working perfectly and my fenders did a great job on this day. I didn't get a drop on me.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear they are working out fine. I'm still trying to find some time to put a set on my wife's bicycle. Hopefully soon.


The Bronze Bombshell said...

Mike: She'll certainly appreciate it, especially if you're looking at as much rain as I'm looking at in the coming week!

Lady Vélo said...

That's quite some water there!

I've yet to cycle in any form of damp weather, but it'll happen at some point... the weather in London has been terrible, so I've not been willing to ride my Pashley to work in it!

I too need to bust out the wellies and just go for it :)

Dottie said...

Glad to see you're still riding, even while saturated.

Kitten heel rain booties sound awesome!

The Bronze Bombshell said...

Lady Vélo: Yeah, go for it! It's really not hard to ride with an umbrella in one hand as long as the wind isn't blowing hard. If it is, then I suggest a raincoat and some big 70's glasses or goggles to keep driving rain out of your eyes. Although, you could really just take public transit on a day of driving rain--no one said you had to be a shero.

Dottie: The booties are pretty cool; if they made my feet look small they would be pure magic.

mambigirl said...

Love the splash of pink in the photo, kitten heel rain boots sound awesome!


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