Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Silver Lining of Bicyle Repairs

Since the Beginner's Maintenance Clinic, I have learned a lot about bikes. Not just from attending the clinic, but by applying what I've learned. After having Josh, the bike mechanic who assembled BB II, walk me through the hub assembly, I felt much more confident about understanding how my bike works. This confidence couldn't have come at a better time because when I got BB home she started acting funny again. (She must have been on her best behavior for Josh earlier at the shop). Betty ran perfectly as I rode her through parking lots behind Out Spokin' Bikes, but back at the house the shifting problems began anew. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened on the ride outside of the fact that I put my "sister", the chunky Yorshire Terrier, in the basket. I called Josh and he confirmed my suspicion that it wasn't Button's fault. I looked over BB II from the hub assembly to the cable adjustment bolt where I found the issue--there was a tear in the cable. That's my fault--when I was blindly trying to fix my bike before the clinic I tightened the cable adjustment bolt as much as I possibly could and the tension must have ripped it once everything else was in working order. Now I must have the cable replaced, but that gave me the idea to get all the cables replaced with blue ones (as seen below). Do you think they come in sky blue? Do you think I could get a white paint pen and put polka dots all over them (except where the cable feed into the gear shifter, of course)?

Photo of a bike by Public Bikes that I probably got in a press release and forgot about. I think it's the D3.


anna said...

Wow, blue cables. What an awesome idea! I hope you'll get them and have fun with the redecoration :).

2whls3spds said...

Coloured cables are good! I have bright yellow ones on my RED bike.

Glad to see you are learning the basics of maintenance and repair, it is a necessary skill when our good bike shops are few and far between.


The Bronze Bombshell said...

Anna: Thanks. I'm hoping the color coordination + polka dots will contribute to the "this bike has girly cooties" vibe I'm going for.

Aaron: I hope that more good bike shops will open in the future, but I definitely want to learn more about my bike.

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