Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Contest #2

Hyggelig For The Holidays

See more Chalk Chalk prints.

For me, bicycles will be forever associated with the word, "hyggelig," because of the blog My Hyggelig and because Danish people always look so comfortable on their bikes. As a means of truly bringing bikes into the cozy atmosphere of your home, I give you Chalk Chalk. These wonderful chalkboard prints featuring "wheeled, human powered transportation devices" are handcrafted by Spencer Star. All the rage among lovers of chic decor, I was charmed by Mr. Starr's prints last year when he participated in a giveaway on the Bright Side Project. I didn't win and I can't win this one either, but you lucky folks out there have a chance to beautify your homes with 2 pieces of unique bike portraiture by answering one question.

Where will you put your prints if you win?  
Bonus points for pictures or fine illustrations.

Contest closes Monday, November 29 at 11:59 PM EST. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, November 30.


Anonymous said...

Those chalk prints are so cute! I don't think I've ever won anything in my entire life, but hey, can't hurt to try, right? :) I have a small section of wall right beside a built-in bookcase in my living room where they would look great, so that's where I'd put them!

mamipdx said...

i would put these clever prints in my dining/play area. we live in a bicycling city, so they would be perfect!
divertida at fastmail dot fm

Jonathan said...

At the local used bike shop I volunteer at!

Elisa M said...

I have a little space in my dining room where I put things that inspire me. This is the PERFECT spot for such beauty!

Laura said...

I just moved and my walls are bare! Anywhere will do!

Anonymous said...

By my desk, so I can get some good bike-y vibes and inspiration while I work!

dcdouglas said...

Since I'm an Xtracycle rider, I share something in common with the Hyggelig. Rather than carrying stuff, I tend to carry my two young sons.

Initially, I'd put my winning clever print in my Xtracycle and carry them to work. Then, I'd hang it in my office where I'm widely known as "the bike guy"

Ms.Ding said...

well, i just saw this and missed the contest. boo. However, I went over to his etsy site and bought a couple. I'm giving one to my brother and I'll keep the other one for my house. They rock! Glad I saw your post!

Courtnee said...

Don't fret, Ms. Ding! You still have a chance to win--I extended the contest until Friday!

Sigrid said... sweet. THANK YOU!!! Happy Holiday's!

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