Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Contest #3 Winners!!!!

This actually turned out to be a pretty simple draw since everybody had about the same number of entries. I had more comments than entrants so if more than one number corresponded to the same entrant, I just skipped to the next unique entrant. With that said, the winners are Elisa M, Bryna, VA_Goonie, and happyd!

Unfortunately, MollettaDesign hasn't hit 200 likes yet on Facebook so there's no special extras that could've perhaps been a consolation prize (sorry, Anne). Be sure to check out the other contests I'll be announcing after Xmas. If you're a winner be certain to e-mail me at in the next seven days (I know you're all busy, but come on)! Congratulations, everyone!


happyd said...

YAY!! comments are working again :)

.. and I'm a winner!! Is there anything I need to do?

Courtnee said...

Congrats, happyd! E-mail me at with the sizes/colors/description you want for your tee, bicibands, mustache, and greeting cards !

Bryna said...

I received the Molletta prize pack today - so exciting! Thanks again for the awesome contests!

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