Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Contest #5 Redux + A Discovery

I was notified by readers of a problem leaving comments and I think (I hope) I've fixed it. Perhaps my settings for comments were altered when I added numbering to my comments section--in any case, I'll work to resolve any issues preventing folks from entering contests because I want you guys to win stuff! And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

According to Google Translate Zum Heimathafen means "home port" which seems awfully nautical for a bike blog, but the artist offers wonderful bike-related tees and whimisical assorted goodies.

Alex Hanke is the artist behind Zum Heimathafen and apparently he has an affinity for sailing, cycling, and seeing bears in flight--really adorable bears!

One of the prints you can view at the Zum Heimathafen Dawanda shop.

One of the prints you can view on the Zum Heimathafen Facebook page.
I like the way this man thinks and looking at many of his prints make me smile. That's what makes this contest so very cool--you get a chance to win some joyful, wearable art. Just leave a comment on this post about how cycling/your bicycle makes you happy.

A "melancholy" tee for the gents.

A "four wheels" tee for the ladies.
The contest will close on Saturday, January 1st Thursday, January 6th at 11:59 PM EST. The winner will be chosen by me and and announced on Monday, January 3rd Friday, January 7th.


RC said...

Biking with my baby makes me giggle! I have a two year old who rides with me to daycare/work, sometimes on a bike seat, others in a trailer. He loves to point out everything we pass, "bird! doggie! choo choo! cars, cars, cars!" My bike ride one of my favorite parts of every day!

Risi said...

Cycling makes me happy, because it makes me feel autonomous. It's me, who determines the speed to go - from driving speed to car speed, I can wave at anybody, while passing by. And: I'm not determinded by any stations, parking, red lights or obstacles. I'm free in choice where to go, where to stop, how fast or how slow to ride - and what to do next. Thanks to you, my bike.

Jennifer Dylan said...

Riding my old DIAMANT male bike, called Hermann (named after Hermann Hesse, the awesome german author, and writer of the great novel "Der Steppenwolf"), is something special.
It's an old bike, born in the early 60s in the GDR, so it's older than 40 years. Hermann's a real character. Today, finding an old original DIAMANT bike's like finding a 1968 Ford Shelby Mustang GT – a lucky chance. You see it's something very special and I hope it will accompany me for a long time. It's my private Shelby Mustang – you can say the ecologically worthwhile kind of the Shelby.

Bryna said...

I like the ability to interact with what's around me - kids yelling hello or "I like your bike", the freedom to stop when something catches my eye, hearing birds as I ride the local rail trail. I feel so much more connected.

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