Friday, December 17, 2010

Contest #5

Melt The Melancholy Away

Alex is ready to make some fine bike goods.

Alex is a very busy man making tons of cool cycling-related goodies and generally wonderful art for grateful clients and an adoring public. He has traveled many lands and flies many banners, selling goods on both Etsy and Dawanda (it's big in Europe), and he collaborates with other fantastic graphic designers. I feel lucky to have him sponsor this contest and I don't even get to win anything!

As a graphic designer with a slyvan spirit living in the big city, Alex creates works inspired by the glories of nature and sweet reveries aimed at inspiring your mind to wander happily. Some of my favorite pieces by Alex are his Paperplane tee shirt, Four Wheels bike tee shirt, and Melancholy bike tee shirt.

Both bike tees are products of a collaboration with Schindelhauer Bikes.

Blue definitely does not equal melancholy here.

I have actually tried to use a bicycle to launch flight using an umbrella, not birds. It didn't work, but bicycles make me quite happy nonetheless.
How does your bike/cycling make you happy? Just leave a comment on this post with your answer in order to win a Four Wheels tee (for the ladies) and a Melancholy tee (for the gents).
The contest will close Tuesday, December 21st 11:59 PM EST and the winner--chosen by me--will be announced on Wednesday, December 22nd. In the meantime, like Alex on Facebook where he flies the Zum Heimathafen (translation: home port) banner. Arghh! Don't worry--you don't need to speak German or Pirate to understand the Facebook page!


By entering this contest you can earn an additional entry to Contest #3 (the MolletaDesign giveaway). Just click this link and leave a comment on the post saying that you entered Contest #5.

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