Monday, September 6, 2010

The Seersucker Social Looked Like the Cycling Event of the Summer...






And I missed it! Unfortunately, I am one of the poor souls that has to work on Saturdays and, even though I would've worn the exact same outfit as city councilman Kwanzaa Hall (above), I'm sure I would've had too much fun to brood over the fashion faux pas. I really, really hope that this event comes back next year (when I'll be living in the city). I'll be sure to assemble a unique seersucker outfit for the occasion.

Puma Gets Bigger and Bolder

I've expressed my love for the bikes produced through Puma and Biomega's collaboration before. I looovvveeee the colors! I'm so glad to see them take their commitment to urban cycling to the next level and create a cargo bike, the Mopion. Not that they're doing this purely out of the goodness of their corporate hearts. I take this as a sign that urban cycling is steadily growing and getting chic-er everyday.

Here's a white one in the event that you're a minimalist or lack the swagger to pull off all of the colors of the bright model.

Here's a picture of Dottie from the previously-linked-to article about the increasing sexiness of cargo bikes. Dottie, did you know that you're a famous sexy cargo bike rider?

"I'm Gonna Ride My Bike Until I Get Home"

First, Mark Ronson does an awesome job re-imagining one of my favorite Radiohead songs and now he gives us "The Bike Song." This man and I might have to have some children together.

Kudos to The Bike Blog Book for being so incredibly hip and alerting the world to the existence of this video.
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