Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Karl Lagerfeld Does Cycle Chic for Italian Fashion Brand Hogan

This short film entitled La Lettre was written and directed by Karl Lagerfeld to present his capsule collection for Hogan. In it, two lovers cycle through a day in Paris--one brooding over a mysterious letter. Personally, I find cycling helps me clear my head and prevents me from obsessing over stuff, but then again, I'm not Parisian.

When considering the film's theme, Largerfeld recounts his fondness for cycling in New York Magazine.
"Cycling is fun. It’s a young, fresh way of getting around, and it is perfectly suited to the boot I designed for Hogan,” he explained. “When I was young, I used to cycle eight kilometers to and from school every day. When I’m on vacation in the South of France I often ride a bike.”

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Slow Life Is The Life For Me

I write letters to my friends. I aspire to refurbish romantic old furniture. I stalk sharp knives and saute pans in discount stores with plans to cook really impressive meals with them--once they get marked down.

I'm in serious nesting mode even though I don't have a nest of my own just yet. I've been browsing catalogs for bed sets, couches, bookshelves, rugs, etc. to put together rooms in my head or simply for decorating ideas. Since I don't actually have any room to store furniture, I've limited my purchases to linens and kitchen gadgets. In the "city life" I envision, I create a cozy existence for myself through a lot of DIY decorating projects, home-cooking, and slow cycling to points of interest. Apparently, I'm not alone in thinking that these things go together. I'm happy to see the new shelter (print!) magazine, Anthology, focus on slow living in its inaugural issue. I think when media outlets approach cycling as a part of a lifestyle, it lends urban/commuter cycling a sense of permanence that the fashion industry can't create because trendiness is a part of its trade.

As much as I love to see the next designer bike produced or cyclist-inspired fashion hit the catwalk, I'd also like to incorporate more "lifestyle" elements into this blog. Of course, it would really help if I had a life, but until then I do have a saute pan on the way and a bunch of cookbooks so be on the lookout for some recipe posts.

Chic Is As Chic Does

Elizabeth Lippman for The New York Times
Lela Rose avails herself of fun accessible transportation on her custom-built trike.
Fun acessible shootie designed by Lela Rose for Payless. (It is, of course, sold out online).

While some (more like one) may dispute the findings of this New York Times article on the upward tick in cycle chic in the street of NYC, I'm pleased to see such an article whether there's a mountain of data to back it up or not. One matter not up for debate: chic cyclists are obviously spreading chicness throughout thoroughfares everywhere.
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