Thursday, January 6, 2011

Contest #6

If all had gone as planned dear readers, this contest would've coincided with the twelfth day of Christmas, but apparently that was yesterday, not today as I thought. I guess I can't win for losing with this giveaway. You, on the other hand, can win your choice of a tee and a tote from Dark Cycle Clothing. The "biking is for lovers" tee and the "white rabbit" tee are standouts for me, but there are many unique animal-on-bike tees to chose from.

Husband and wife team--Adam and Coryn--from sunny Tampa, FL are the designers of Dark Cycle Clothing. They screen print intriguing (and not at all menacing) tees and totes with a cycle chic flair. I don't know where the "darkness" comes in exactly--perhaps it's in the eye of the beholder. Leave your comments about Dark Cycle Clothing or your favorite tee/tote to enter to win some cool new gear. This contest will close on Sunday January 9th at 11:59 PM EST. I'll announce the winner chosen by me on Monday January 10th.


Elisa M said...

Oh my goodness, the bike wheel skull and crossbones is awesome!

Mountain Bike Helmets said...

These are amazing t-shirts! The "biking is for lovers" tee and the "white rabbit" tee are both great stuff. I would love to own one of these shirts someday. :)

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