Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Missoni Cycle Chic

If you'd like to try your luck, you can enter to win one of these on InStyle magazine's FB page.
I have tons of blog housekeeping--I still have to sing the praises of the many fine products and gracious sponsors from my contests of almost a year ago--but this Missoni bike is just jumping out at me and I have to say something. It comes with so much slow cycling accoutrement--the skirtguard, the basket, that chainguard. Oh my! What also makes this Missoni bike so striking is that it will be zig-zagging its way onto Target.com on September 13. I hope that its quality matches its style.

I won't be purchasing a Missoni bike, but I might pick up some fingerless gloves a la Karl Lagerfeld. I think they'd suit Betty and me nicely. In fact, I could make a trip to Macy's for this whole outfit. (Kudos to Karl for using often-overlooked navy blue).


Adrienne Johnson said...

I really want to see that bike! i just know it will be a BSO, but i still want to see it!

Courtnee said...

You really think so? I want to believe that no one would slap all that pretty on a crap bike. Oh well, it could be the most beautiful beater ever.

Adrienne Johnson said...

I am hoping it is a POS so that it does not tempt me : )

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