Thursday, August 4, 2011

Now I Am Here

Here would be Portsmouth, VA were I'm visiting family and friends and escaping the torturous Georgia heat. It actually stays below ninety degrees at 11AM! Beside its temperate climate, Tidewater also offers wondrous flatness for cyclists to enjoy. I noticed the other day that I could just ride and ride without encountering any hills which is pretty sweet for commuting. It's like a little piece of Denmark stateside. Happily, I don't seem to be alone in that opinion because I've seen several cyclists since I've been back. One had panniers on his bike (yes!). Unfortunately, it seems that trails are designed with recreational cyclists in mind. As I checked on the progress of trails in my part of the Commonwealth, I found that most of the projects in progress seem to be much farther inland.

There is a complete 5 mile trail in Jamestown which is a part of the Virginia Capital Trail which is also a part of the East Coast Greenway. Jamestown is in Tidewater (it used to be Tidewater), but it's not close to me. Maybe in another two years the Suffolk Seaboard Coastline Trail will be finished and I'll have something other than subdivisions and Chik-fil-a's to look at when I pedal through my old environs.

Too soon I'll be back in hilly, hot Georgia. I was sick my entire first week of vacation and, now, my second and final week home is flying by. I hope to get an actual cycling-related picture before I leave. Remind me to actually bring my camera with me next time I go for a ride.


Abena Serwaa said...

Nice to get an update from you Missy...have been wondering how you have been. BTW, I'm proud bike owner myself...a lovely 2nd hand blue bike called Eva (literally) that I purchased for 50 Euros at a store called Budget Bikes..She rattles when I ride but perfect for my 10minute commute. The Netherlands is all flat so cycling is sooo not much of challenge. Plus I love the bike lanes...You should take a biking holiday and come visit! Enjoy Portsmouth...any plans to go to Virginia Beach and visit Pharrell? lol

Coraniaid said...

You're more than welcome to make the 2 hour (by car) ride up to Richmond. Plenty of good hills to ride, a decent breeze for the past couple of days & Sunday is the Annual Carytown Watermelon Festival!

Courtnee said...

Abena, if there were any chance that I would run into Pharrell, I would've stayed in VA Beach somehow or another. He probably has a place in Miami--rich folks look down on our dark Atlantic water and beige sand. ha ha.

Thanks, Coraniaid. If I'd had the time I might have taken you up on that offer. I love festival food. I miss the smoked turkey legs form the Umoja Festival.

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