Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Mobile Social

My starting point:

Savage Pizza. My favorite pizza place.

Action figures keep watch while you eat ensuring that your meal will be super.

While it's strange to say that one loves any particular restroom, I'll still say it: I love this lady's room.Of course, I should've taken a picture of my pizza, but that would just be too weird.

The happenings & meet-up:

This lady (with her boss' dog) was a vendor at some arty/fashion-y happening in Castleberry Hills.

These folks were here at the same time filming some ABC or NBC movie. I got the scoop from Bobby and Lisa who I met on the way to the endpoint of the ride.

Fini & fire:

I walked with Bobby and Lisa (from Sopo Bikes) from Castleberry Hill to the Iron Pour at Elliot Street Deli & Pub. They clued me in to the goings-on along the way.

Sight #1: This is a 2-seater motorcycle. It has the the top10 answers to questions asked the owner posted on the window--but just the answers--which left us with more questions.

Information on the scratch blocks made during the iron pouring event (available for purchase and made to order).

Folks gathered for the iron pour.

Sight #2: There were intermittent sparks, flames, and smoke before the iron was ready to pour. There was also a suspicion among the crowd that iron core smells like Luden's cherry cough drops until we realized a woman up front was eating cherry cough drops.

The artists prepare to move the bucket o' flames.

The artists pour the iron into the scratch block molds.

I missed the Mobile Social at its starting point which was Woodruff Park. I'd almost caught up with the tail end of the group when I got caught at a red light with a motorcycle cop right next to me! I definitely couldn't run that light. I thought I could catch up with the group on the Freedom Park Trail by taking the train to Inman Park, but I didn't know which direction the group would be coming from. After riding around Little Five Points and Virginia Highlands a bit, I decided to break for some dinner at Savage Pizza. The Pizza Buttafuco certainly put a positive spin on things. Plus, I had a pleasant ride the entire night--no motorists or n'er-do-well's bothered me.

I'd enjoyed the mobile part, but I was looking forward to the social part too. I was glad that there were still some cyclists from the ride at the pub when I arrived. I met a bunch of folks from the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition: Andy, Tara, Hamzat, Sophie, and Drew. Betty also benefited from all the attention and compliments. A guy asked me if he could lift Betty (because I couldn't tell him how much she weighs) and, when he saw that she wasn't heavy, he yelled to his girlfriend, "Honey, you gotta get one of these!" Naturally, Betty got "nice rack" from many observers as well. Sophie and Drew were nice enough to let me tag along with them on their ride home since it approached the Arts Center station. I got to ride in a group after all!  


Owl said...

I really enjoyed your post. The cough-drop lady thing was hilarious.
Do be careful riding around out there at night in the big ATL.

Courtnee said...

Thanks, Owl. I certainly try to maintain high visibility when I'm out at night. I see you're new to cycling and you have a list of supplies you need to get. If you'd like any suggestions just let me know.

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