Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today Is Car Free Day In Decatur

(Strangely, it doesn't look like there's an observance of World Car Free Day on the horizon for Atlanta where folks could really use a break from cars.) Honestly, the Decatur event doesn't sound so car free as much as it seems to be alternative transportation intensive.
Wednesday, Sept. 21, is Car-Free Day in Decatur. The community is invited to gather at the Community Bandstand during the Blue Sky Concert, noon-1 p.m., for a special celebration. Decatur Active Living will give out special Car-Free Day stickers to those who walk, bike or carpool to the concert.

Other ways to participate in Car-Free Day: make a commitment to reduce your automobile use on Sept. 21. That might mean biking or riding MARTA to work, walking to the store or the Blue Sky Concert, sharing a ride with friends and neighbors, or riding the bus.

No mention of closed roads. At least you can register your bike with the Decatur police. There's also this thing.

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