Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tour de Fashion Bikes

Thom Browne, of course. Check out his collaboration with Moncler here. The models rolled down the runway to Queen's "Bicycle Race."

Diane von Furstenberg

Carlos Falchi

Kaelen. I think riding this would be a unique tactile experience.

Nicole Miller. Surprising.

Restore Clothing, designer/manufacturer of "eco-active aparrel." I like the sweetness of this bike.

Stephen Burrows. I like the tail feathers.

Christian Cota.

Tumi, the luggage company. They make some cycling-appropriate bags, but not bike bags. At least, not yet? I wonder if they made the bags as one-off's or are they testing the waters for new products.

Rebecca Taylor. Another sweet bike.

Oh to say I owned a Rebecca Minkoff "Morning After" bag for even an hour.

These are just a few of the thirty bikes designed by "fashion royalty" for the Tour de Fashion. Created by the Fashion Center Business Improvement District, this temporary bike rental scheme is viewed as "a spectacular and innovative celebration of the Fashion District as the home of American fashion.” The bikes were built in NYC and were purchased from Bowery Lane Bicycles. They will be available at stations in the Fashion and Meatpacking Districts September 8-15. You can pick up your designer original wheels for free and ride for an hour after you volunteer your credit card and driver's license information, naturally. More details--bike pictures, hours of operation, etc.--are available at


Christopher Patti said...

Well the Tumi bike is wonderful. I just was in NJ where I grew up, and they are from that area as well. So, they just opened a concept pop-up store in a mall and are selling those bike bags. It is expandable to a full carry bag and there greenish in colour. Only thing fyi they don't sell most of what I saw in this pop-up is not regular Tumi stores. Which is a shame.

Well have a nice day, and I love your blog and all your bike's.

Christopher Patti said...

One last comment I also Own a 1974 Opaque Blue Schwinn Varsity and a 1986 Sears Cruiser style. Just thought I would share my bike's :)

Courtnee said...

I love to hear about people's bikes, especially vintage ones. Very chic. I also really appreciate your Tumi news. Perhaps the pop-up shop was a means of gauging public interest and we'll see those Tumi bike bags in the future.

jhon thomas said...

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