Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Minimal Bicycle Purse [Rack]

Image from Free People where there is only one bag left.

I don't think I'd be comfortable hanging my $200-on-sale (!) bag from the saddle.

Two straps for securing the purse to your bike. No rack required.

I saw this bag a while ago on the Urban Outfitter's site, noted the cool pleated flap, and forgot about it as I'm pretty sure it was priced at $350. It was never depicted as a bag made specifically for a bicycle (totally undermining the clever title of "Moto Bag"). Somehow I came across pictures of it strapped to a bike which only increased my admiration. Collina Strada designer, Hillary Taymour describes her company as eco-conscious and making a bag suited for a woman's bike is certainly a creative way to be green. (This post on for the love of bikes prompted me to highlight this bit of cycle chic).

Adeline Adeline appears to have the leather bag above on sale for $198.00 and a canvas/leather version for $153.00. Kaight has the vegan leather version for $270. If  any of you ladies out there pony up the money for this bag, I'd love to get some pictures of you living with it. The price says "precious," but the design says "practical."

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