Monday, November 14, 2011

Be Seen. Be Chic.

I love this day-glo dirndle by Vespertine. Why oh why do I have such fabulous and expensive taste?

It's chic. It's tweed. It's reflective. What more could you ask for?
For guys and gals. Cinch your coat or your jeans and be stylishly visible to all.

I've seen the HR X CD sash in person and can say with confidence that you must do the "pageant wave" while wearing it. Better yet, you should sing, "There she is, Ms. Chic Cyclist." Tears of joy optional.
I think this trouser cuff is a gender neutral accessory the fellas could enjoy, but I wholeheartedly support any man who wants to be Mr. Chic Cyclist.

With the end of Daylight Savings Time and the beginning of some really early autumn evenings, I've had visibility on the brain lately. I have nice, bright front and rear lights, but lateral visibility is also really important. You can put all manner of glowing rope lights and reflective tape on your bike's frame. You can have a light show in your spokes, but why should your bike upstage you just because it's dark? It's an egregious violation of The Copenhagen Cycle Chic Manifesto you know.

Last week, I featured a video by the freshly Kickstarted company, We Flashy. They appear to have fulfilled their obligations to their backers recently and I hope this means they will have products available for the rest of us soon. Next with products in the offing, is Houndstooth Road. I have it on good authority that a showroom is arriving in Atlanta next year! The website will launch next year too. The Vespertine shop is live with new products coming soon. That's a whole reflective wardrobe on the horizon--make room in your closets.

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